Dear. FA Global XGP's precious family members,

Finally, it is our honor to announce that our staking saving is opened starting now. Please remind that when you use staking and saving, you must create an additional account on the website (password is at least 8 characters in combination with special characters, English and numbers). For your information, it is absolutely impossible in any case to deactivate after applying for staking saving.

1. Staking
Only xgp is available and the rate will be as below,

12 months : 10%
6 months : 8%
3 months : 6%
1 month : 4%

When the monthly interest is expired, it will paid by xgp.

2. Saving
Only BTC and ETH can be deposited
Saving's rate will be based on the exchange rate of U.S dollars at the time when you deposit BTC or ETH. Interest and principal are paid by XGP based on the rate of U.S dollars regardless of BTC and ETH market prices.

12 months : 6% per year
6 months : 5% per year
3 months : 4% per year
1 month : 3% per year

Unfortunately, the current language is only available in English. We will try to update each language pack as soon as possible.

-FA Global XGP Sales Team-