Event Notice



Dear. Our precious FA Global XGP family members,

Event Notice

Purpose: A reward event will be held for members who strive to expand XGP users.

Period: Starting from 21st/Aug/2021 till 20th/Sep/2021
During this period, an event will be held up and there will be a reward to top 100 members who have purchased the most mining equipment, based on the purchase of new mining equipment.
If the number of coins purchased for the mining machine is the same, the member who purchases first takes priority.

Event details
Rank / reward coin
1. 4,500,000
2. 3,000,000
3. 1,500,000
4~10. 800,000
11~20. 400,000
21~50. 200,000
51~100. 100,000

Will be updated every day and starting from August 22, you can check the office ranking by clicking on it.

This event may be extended or closed after the event is closed.

-FA Global XGP Marketing Team-