Updates of 3rd and 4th quarter 2022



Dear. Our Precious FA Global XGP Family Members,

Even everyone is suffering from the global economy depression and inflation these days, we appreciate our family member's enthusiasm for FA Global XGP as always.
The reason why we are posting this notice is to share our FA Global XGP's 3rd and 4th quarter 2022 update plans.

1. Revamping FA Global XGP White Paper
2. Revamping FA Global XGP Coin Economy
3. Limited purchasing daily quantity of miner starting from 1st of November
4. Launch utility tokens (XGP POS only)
5. Development of a global online mall that can be used in XGP POS (will be expanded to live commerce in the future)
6. Prepare to get Listing on the KRW market

Recently, the new variant coronavirus is spreading rapidly, so always stay safe from the coronavirus.

-FA Global XGP Admin-